Let's be real. Figuring out how to launch a business, design, and publish your brand is a huge undertaking. Have you tried it? And navigating the back end of the inter-web’s platforms is even worse--overwhelming, complicated, and anxiety-inducing to say the least, especially if you're home alone. We have heard story after story of people that have gone through a traditional design process and have experienced not being able to find the right person for the job, expensive payment, months and months of work, endless emails back and forth, technical frustrations, and mixed communication associated with launching their brand. And after it's all said and done they can't even update anything.. YIKES!! So here's the deal: It’s about time for a strategic process and people to back you so you don’t feel lost at sea and more like a Caribbean Cruise with your best friends. With margaritas.

The branding process should be fun, affordable and invigorating- and like you got what you paid for. That's why I developed a centralized resource and series of systems to help all like minded individuals KILL it online with a supportive groupe holding your hand every step of the way. I didn’t create the groupe to be a hub for designers who are waiting for work. Whether you’re a single mom, freelance videographer, student, doctor, etc.. you can join the groupe. A brand doesn't begin and end with a marketing, logo, promo video, or website. It's the confidence to stand out from the crowd, the excitement of knowing where you're going, and the MOJO to start doing the work you've always dreamed. So why not embark in the process with experts in the field, people who are in your same shoes, and those who may not even know as much as you? To wrap it up: It’s time to share your journey… join the groupe and let’s do this shit together.